One Cart and Done: Truly Fun Family Road Trip Games and Activities from Amazon

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by Robin

road trip games for kids

So you're looking for road trip activities for kids?  How are you feeling about the impending time in the car?  I hope you're looking forward to it, but chances are there's a little bit of dread. 

I've been there many times and I'm here to help!

You can often find me and our family piled into the car driving places and over the years we've cultivated ideas to make the time pass with more laughter and less complaining.  (Have you checked out our Family Road Trip Survival Guide?  It's got some great tips that will help your trip planning.)

I know you have so much to do to prepare for your trip - and sometimes you just want it all in one place - and get it off your to-do list.

That's what I've got for you here. With this list, you can safely add some well thought out things to your Amazon cart and know that in a few days you'll have great road trip activities for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. 

game ideas for road trips

Low Mess Car Crafts
THIS is our family's favourite way to spend time.  Nothing makes time fly for kids faster than making things.  They can get into a creative zone and the miles can pass unnoticed!

  • Crayola Washable Window Markers - hands down this is our kids' favourite.  Each morning we'd get them to clean their window off to make room for that days' creation!

  • Crayola Twistable Coloured Pencils  The drawback to pencil crayons in the car is the need for sharpening them. No one wants to clean pencil shavings from inside the car when you finally arrive.  These Twistables make sharpening pencils no mess and easy enough for kids to do on their own!  

  • Aluminum Foil  Think of this like playdoh for the car!  Aluminum foil is maleable and can be shaped into fabulous creations!  Our kids made hats and jewellery and more.  Just tear off sheets and hand it back to them - just to avoid accidental cuts from the packaging.  We brought clear tape too for extra creative fodder.

  • Water colouring books and  Water activity books Our kids LOVED these when they were toddlers.  Great to have on hand for long waits anywhere with little ones.  I used to keep one in my purse for waiting room distractions.

  • Reusable Sticker Pads  Sticker books that you can reposition can stimulate creative play - and can be used over and over!

Games That Are Actually Fun

  • I Spy Road Game - We play this one as a team - but it can be competitive if that works best for your family!  This one's great - it's also a traditional deck of cards - so, even more play options in one package.

  • This Rubberneckers game looks really fun - and gets great reviews for adults and kids together!  I just ordered it and can't wait to try it out.

  • Hasbro has travel versions of many of their popular games.  We've started buying them instead of the larger version for flexibility and they're smaller to store:

Words with Friends To Go (i.e. Scrabble)

Monopoly Grab and Go Travel Game

Connect 4 Grab and Go Travel Game

Battleship Grab and Go Travel Game

Trouble PopOmatic Grab and Go Travel Game

Brainy (and Time-Consuming) Activity Books

  • Best of MadLibs or MadLibs on the Road  THIS! Madlibs are our absolute favourite way to eat up time on the road - we usually end up crying laughing.  We STILL laugh about funny stories we made years ago.  Sure, there will be lots of butt and poop jokes - but secretly they'll also be learning about adverbs and adjectives!

Audiobooks Make the Drive Fly By

I am a huge fan of audiobooks.  I use them all the time to make my commute, workouts and housework fly by.  There's something magical about getting absorbed in a book and time passing unnoticed.

Your library probably has free audiobooks that you can download to your devices - be sure to check that out.

There are some books you just can't get from your library so look into Audible. New members can get 2 free audiobooks - you can start the free trial and cancel it before the 30 days is up!

And don't forget to check out our collection of FREE Road Trip Printables.  Another tool to make the drive more fun!

I hope you have a fabulous trip filled with great memories 
(or at least ones you can laugh about later)!

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