Our Top Projects of 2018 (All are Budget-Friendly!)

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by Robin

Budget home improvement ideas are our specialty - and our readers seem to agree! Those are the posts that get the most visitors. We LOVE doing projects - and when they speak to you too - that's the sweetest spot.  This post is our top ten most-visited projects of 2018 - and the top ten of all time.

2018 will be a memorable year for me especially.

This was the year that I stepped away from my job and focused on creativity and self-care. You might remember I wrote about it a bit in this post: I'm battling burnout with a year off work (and here's how we're budgeting for it.

I have learned so many things, and am still learning. I'll be sharing them soon - when I've figured out how to talk about such personal things.

We've got more terrific projects to share in the New Year!  There's one we've finished that I know you'll love and another one that we're at that in-the-middle/nervous stage where it could be amazing - or a flop.  Stay tuned!

Before we get to the meat of this post - I want to give you my sincerest thanks for reading our blog.  It's because of your visits that I'm able to pursue my dreams.  For that I am deeply appreciative.  Thank-you!

Our Top Projects of 2018:

10. How to DIY: Wood Herringbone Ceiling
I'm thrilled this herringbone ceiling project made it into the top ten! It was the most recent project we shared - just a couple of weeks ago. It's probably my favourite of the year - mostly because it is beautiful, affordable and unexpected.  

I was stuck on how to make this basement window project affordable. I knew I wanted to use shutters - but I couldn't justify the $$$ to buy them.  I had a Eureka moment on a trip to the ReStore!

Our most popular post of all time is from the first time we made this driveway "weed-free".  It was still holding up really well - but needed some help at the edges.  We solved the problem in an afternoon.  

This shed before was a real thorn in my eye. (That's right - not just a thorn in my side!)  The previous owners made it so weird and hard to fix (80's outhouse inspired)?  This simple, budget fix took even me by surprise.

6. How to Make a Paneled Wood Basement Plywood Ceiling on a Budget

This basement plywood ceiling was an experiment that paid off.  On a tiny budget we made something beautiful - a wood panelled ceiling! We made some mistakes - and shared them - so you don't make them too...

Sometimes if I sit and stare at a problem long enough I figure out a solution.  That's the case with this window. Tiny, high basement windows just look weird - but not this one! Seriously simple with just blinds and trim.

4. 20+ Almost No Prep Slow Cooker Recipes (A Dump & Dash Collection!)

This is a personal project for me.  I'm always looking for easy ways to get dinner on the table.  This roundup of slow cooker recipes gives you more than 20 Low Prep ideas.  So easy, fast and tasty!

3.  How to Make this Antique Singer Sewing Machine Table

This photo doesn't do this live edge treadle table justice. Another super simple, unique project that solved my "too many sewing machines" problem.

2. How to Make a DIY Wall-to-Wall Bookcase (An IKEA Billy Bookcase Built-in)

I've wanted to do this for so long and I'm thrilled with how it turned out.  This bookworm girl has always wanted a wall-to-wall built-in bookcase.  And the bookcase lighting 😍!

1. 20+ Almost No Prep Instant Pot Dump Recipes (Make it in Minutes!)

A personal project of mine was to get more comfortable with the Instant Pot.  I pulled together a collection of almost no-prep recipes to help me get over my apprehension.  It's just what I needed. And what tens-of-thousands of readers needed too, apparently!

Our Top Posts (of all time!):

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9. How to Make a DIY Bubble Fountain Garden Water Feature (in an afternoon & on a budget!)

6. How to Make a DIY Wall-to-Wall Bookcase (An IKEA Billy Bookcase Built-in)

5. How to DIY a Simple Built-in IKEA Window Seat (an Ikea Hack!) 

4. 20+ Almost No Prep Instant Pot Dump Recipes (Make it in Minutes!)

2. DIY Rust Repair: Make Your Beater Better!

1. How to Make a Weed-free Brick Driveway - that Stays that way! (How to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks)

Thank-you so very much for reading!  Creating and writing can be lonely work, but when you visit and share our work it's like we're in a room full of (silent) support.  I couldn't be more grateful.


  1. Hi! Are you going to be sharing a post about this GORGEOUS bathroom I just read about in BH&G?!

    1. Oh wow!!! Is it out already?!?! We didn't know! Here's a link to all the projects for that bathroom: https://bit.ly/2M52VoB


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