Stocking Stuffer Games for Teens and Tweens (that our family LOVES to play!)

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stocking stuffers for teens

It's a universal truth: teens are extremely difficult to buy for. They often have incredibly specific ideas of what they want - they have their fingers on the pulse of trends we can't even perceive.  And those things are often really expensive!

Stocking stuffers for teens and tweens can be especially hard - sure they like small stuff, but that small stuff is often big-ticket items: cash! phones! jewellery! gift cards! Here's a fabulous solution: Stocking Stuffer Games!  They're the perfect stocking stuffers for teens and tweens - the right size, fun and won't require a second mortgage.

Stocking Stuffer Games for Teens and Tweens

LCR Wild is our family's current favourite. It takes about 5 minutes to learn and it's been hours of fun! It's great value at less than $10. (Current price)

Gloom Our latest find. This is the game our kids' friends want to play whenever they're over. The cards are so cool looking - they're clear and that's part of the gameplay. There's a dark storytelling aspect that gets all the kids laughing. (Current price)

Story Cubes are fabulous for creative kids. Ours have made up endless, and usually hilarious, stories with their friends.  There are many different versions for different types of stories and interests. (Current price)

Exploding Kittens It's pretty much guaranteed for laughs. The artwork is bizarre and fun and the gameplay is too! (Current Price)

If your teen already has it - consider adding one of the expansion packs to extend the fun:

Bears vs Babies every time our kids play this their friends want to buy it themselves. A pretty good indicator of how fun they find it! Now, you'll need a slightly larger stocking to make this one fit (it's about 3"x4.5"x5.5") but the impact is worth it. Even the box is memorable - it's faux fur! (Current price)

Coup  This is a strategy card game - think Clue without the board and more active deception. It's pretty easy to learn and fun to be sneaky while playing. (Current price)

uno A classic. If your teen or tween doesn't have it I'd be kind of surprised, but the size is perfect for stockings. (Recently, Uno confirmed that stacking is not an official rule after all! My childhood was full of lies!) (Current price)

Skipbo We went through a phase where we played Skipbo every night after dinner. It's simple to learn and fun for lots of ages. (Current price)

Cat Stax and Dog Pile Both Solo games, but you could take turns with a partner, drawing cards and playing. Think Tetris, but with cute little cat or dog figures that you have to assemble to match a puzzle. (Current price)

The Fox in the Forest A two-person card game that's pretty easy to learn, but the gameplay is rich with strategy. (Current price)

Mad Libs - We've been fans of Mad Libs forever it seems! These fun books are perennial road trip games that can be hilarious. I've been known to cry from laughing so hard. There's a version for every interest! (Current price)

Games we're trying next:

Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Card Game Gets great reviews! Ed, as a business teacher, is curious to try this one and see if it can work in class. We've had fun just making jokes about the name, so we imagine the game itself will be a blast too. (Current price)

Sushi Go This one gets great reviews and looks like a cool blend of strategy and... sushi? The artwork is adorable. If you can tell your sashimi from your nigiri, this game might be your jam wasabi, too. (Current price)

On our wish list:

On a Scale of One to T-Rex: A Card Game for People Who Are Bad at Charades. (Current price)

Zombie Dice Portable and quick to play- this could easily travel to school and stay in a locker for lunchtime matches. Also: Zombies! Brain-eating! (Current price)

You've got Crabs Maybe a bit too big for a stocking, but how can we not include a game that A) has a cheeky name, and B) is from the creator of two of our other favs - Exploding Kittens and Bears vs. Babies. Win-win. (Current price)
We definitely plan to grab the expansion pack - what teen doesn't want a pair of giant rubber crab claws?!

Sushi Go Party If Sushi Go is your jam, this makes it even jammier! More players and more options,  this could be an addition to our lives shortly if Sushi Go proves as awesome as everyone says. (Current price)

Code Names You know we like spy party games, so this game sounds perfect. Deducing spy team members using one word that could mean a bunch of different things sounds both simple and challenging. And there's an assassin. An Assassin! (Current price)

Hanamikoji Our son is into all things Japan. I've read great things about this game - he just may be finding this one in his stocking this year. (My only hold out is that it's about geisha's - doesn't sound very feminist). (Current price)

Arboretum If you are into gardening and landscape design and also have a competitive edge, this game was made just for you. If you're not, it still looks beautiful and sounds straightforward to learn, but rich in strategy too. (Current price)

Games for one (or travel):

Magic Rainbow Ball Puzzle If you ever tried to do a Rubix cube and just wished you could physically cram one of the coloured sections through the puzzle to the other side to make things match up, then: Wish Granted. (Current price)

Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series Simon is a classic and there is a chance your teen or tween may have already seen this memory game as a mobile app. But there is something so nostalgic about the handheld, IRL version. (Current price)

Hasbro Gaming Bop It! We first played full-sized Bop It! at a friend's house and we found that we couldn't put it down. Now there's a micro version - with the original solo or pass-and-play modes! I want one right now. (Current price)

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