About the Blog

What is Frugal Family Times About?

It's about Living a Rich Life on a D.I.Y. Budget.

We believe frugal means to be wise with your money (and time) so that you get the very best value for you.

Here we talk about:
  • Getting the most for your money; 
  • Organizing your life and home to save you time; and 
  • Planning your life around what's important to you. 
  • And lots of DIY and recipes! 

For us, Frugal Family Times is an opportunity to share ideas and build a community around making family life simpler.

All we are really selling is the feeling that it is possible to pare back stuff and create the life you intend.

We're a married couple. We both work outside the home. We've been living pretty simply for a number of years, and we've learned a lot. We aren't 100% frugal all the time, and we don't pretend to be, but we try our best to live simply.

At our wedding, Robin's dad talked about what a great team we are. He said something about us that applies to our married life and our writing on this little blog. Basically, he said, "Robin makes the snowballs and Ed throws 'em." This blog is our latest snowball.

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