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We're Ed and Robin. We are inspired to spend our money and time well in order to have the life we really want.

We're a married couple from Ontario, Canada.  We are parents and we both work outside (and inside!) the home.  We've been living pretty simply for a number of years, and we've learned a lot.  We aren't 100% frugal all the time, and we don't pretend to be, but we try our best to live simply.  

About Robin:

I get to call myself "Editor-in-Chief" because I cooked up this idea and am keeping it simmering.  Ed wanders in and adds some spice, but I get it to the table. (OK - that made me sound more like "Editor-in-Chef".)

  • I am a Registered Dietitian. My professional focus is working with families with small children and prenatal moms.  I work mostly with hardworking, immigrant families who are living at or below the poverty line.  I am driven to learn more about saving money and making health simpler to share with them.  And now, I get to share with you on this blog.

  • I'm a mom.  My kids are awesome; I know yours are too!  Our son and daughter are the main reason why we work so hard at being frugal and keeping life simple.

  • In 2000, I made the best decision of my life: I married Ed.  (Cheesy, I know, but I super mean it.)

About Ed:
Nerd Correspondent

I am a teacher at our neighbourhood high school.  I teach Business, specifically personal finance, entrepreneurship and that sort of thing.  Off and on I also teach Math.

I am a nerd.  I define 'Nerd' as someone who finds out everything they can about something.  Nerds show dedication to research and passion for information about things that interest them.  Sometimes, nerds are kinda know-it-all-y, (but only in the way that they like to have the answers to questions people have about things).  I am a total nerd.

My interests:  
  • Music, Movies and Fantasy Football.   

  • Beer (and 'un-Frugal alert' to a lesser extent, wine and scotch ).  

  • Technology and specifically getting the longest life out of it for the best price. 

  • The earlier work of Steve McQueen and Harrison Ford's careers.   

  •  Lego and other toys both my kids and I can equally enjoy.

Like all blog postings everywhere, mine will be based on my opinions.  They will also likely be long.  Keep in mind that I have, in all likelihood, edited my nerd ranting down to what I consider to be the minimum.  If you want more evidence, proof or semi-coherent ramblings, just ask.  I like the sound of my own typing.

We're so glad you've joined us.  Let's keep in touch!

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