Recipe: Broccoli, Couscous and Cashew Side Dish

by Robin

This side dish is a recent addition to our Meal Plan Master List.  For the grown-ups, it was time to add something new.   But, like most children, ours can be reluctant to try new foods.  So what about a new side dish that combines tried and true favourites into something new?   Around our table, a few of those favourites are: broccoli, couscous and cashews.  We mated those foods and a new recipe was born!  (So that sentence is making me laugh, just picturing broccoli, couscous and cashews in the back of the fridge...the door is closed, the lights are low, soft jazz music playing, the mood is just right...that is probably only funny to me?)

This side dish is a hit around here.  It can be served hot or cold.  It seems pretty versatile too; sometime soon we're going to try it out with cauliflower and almonds.  Yum!

Broccoli, Couscous and Cashew Side Dish
(Serves 6 to 8)

1/2 cup Cashews, chopped
2 Tbsp Olive oil
1/2 (to 1) Onion, finely chopped
3 cups Broccoli, chopped (we used frozen here, we'll use fresh when it's in season)
Salt and pepper
1 cup Whole wheat couscous
1 1/2 cup Chicken broth (low-salt is best)
Parmesan cheese, grated, to taste


1.  In a pot with a lid, cook cashews over medium-high heat.  Stir constantly until nuts are toasted and fragrant (a couple of minutes). 

Remove nuts from pot and set aside to cool.

2.  Return pot to the heat.  Add olive oil.  When oil is hot, add onion.  Cook until onion is soft and starting to brown (approximately 2 minutes).


3.  Add broccoli.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Cook, stirring occasionally until broccoli is soft (5 to 10 minutes).

4.  Add couscous.  Keep stirring until it starts to toast (3 to 5 minutes).

5.  Stir in broth.  Bring to a boil. 

Cover pot and turn off heat  
Let rest 15 minutes (with the lid on, you'll be tempted to peek at it - don't!).

6.  Meanwhile, chop cashews finely.   After the rest period, add nuts to couscous.

 Gently fluff with a fork.  Return the lid and let rest another minute or 2.


7.  Serve hot or cold, sprinkled with cheese.

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This recipe is one of the meals on our Meal Plan Master List.  Check it out here

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