Get Dinner on the Table With Way Less Hassle: 25+ Free Meal Plan Printables

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by Robin

meal plan printables

I’m not going to give you an exhaustive list of why you should plan your meals – you already know, amiright?! We ALL know.  Just like we know why we should floss and do our Kegels daily...

What we actually need is to:

Just. Get. Started.

I KNOW that’s true for me. My meal planning goes in spits and spurts. I’m so well versed in the benefits – heck - I teach this stuff as a Registered Dietitian!  I’ll be on top of it for weeks and months – and then my resolve peters out.  I suffer for it - and my family suffers too!  We don't eat nearly as well and I am definitely more stressed out. Having a plan calms me - NOT having a plan electrifies my anxiety.

I just need to commit to gettin’ er done. You’re probably the same – that’s why you’re reading this!  Let's get on top of this right now - together.

So here’s my quick start guide (and kick in the butt) for our meal planning:

1. Just do it. Just start.

Don't over think this.

2. Print one of these meal planners.
It really doesn’t matter which one – they’re all great – just pick any one that you like the look of.
  • If you’re out of ink – don’t let that stop you! Grab a sheet of paper and write the days of the week down the side. Tada! Free meal planner!

3. Pull out your Master List.  
If you don’t know what this is – check out this post. It’s a great first step that will save you time and headaches later.

4. Consult your calendar.
Which days are busiest? Start there – pencil in your quickest meal to prep. Which days do you have more time? Which days are you away from home? Etc.

5. Explore through your fridge.
What’s in there that needs used up.  Pick a meal that will prevent this food from going to waste.

6. Write in your meal ideas. 
Be realistic! Sure you’d like to try that new amazing recipe from that magazine – we all do -  but will you?
Also, give yourself some grace not every day is a “from scratch” kind of day – if it’s an especially crazy day - write in a frozen meal that you’ll heat up when. That’s perfectly fine.

7. Add ingredients to your grocery list that you’ll need. (If you want to save time at the grocery store - try our list - it works!)

8. Bam! You’ve got a plan.

AND! Be super duper nice to your future self and save this plan. Tuck your weekly plans away somewhere and pull them out to help you make decisions next time. Heck – maybe even repeat the exact same week again.

Let's start: which planner will you choose?

Farmhouse Free Printable Menu Planner - Today's Creative Life

Free Weekly Meal Plan Printable - You Brew My Tea

Weekly Meal Planner

Personal Planner: Meal Planner Printables - A Mitten Full of Savings

Personal Planner: Meal Planner Printables, how to create a meal plan, ways to save on food, grocery budget,

Weekly Menu Plan Download - Bewitchin' Kitchen

Meal Planning Worksheet Download! Make your weekly menu plan easy with this meal plan download and printable! This makes eating healthy easy! Fail to plan, plan to fail! |thebewitchinkitchen.com

Free Meal Planning Chart Printable - Coupon Closet

Download free meal planning chart. Printable weekly menu planner will help you save money and help you plan your meals better. Printable weekly meal planner is an easy way to organize your life. You will love our online menu planner template.

Rainbow Meal Planning Printable - Carrie Elle

Rainbow Meal Planning Printable

Menu Planning Template - Organized Island

Free menu planning template.

Free Weekly Menu Plan - Busy Mommy Media

Printable Weekly Menu Plan

Printable Weekly Meal Planner - Frugality Gal

Weekly Meal Plan Printable Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner - Menu Plan Printable - Menu Planning Printable - Free Printables for Home - Organizing - Organization Ideas

Free Printable Menu Planning Sheet (& Menu Planning Tips) - A Cultivated Nest

Free printable menu planning sheet & tips for meal planning

Free Meal Planning Printable {with a Fun, Spring Theme!} - Crystal & Co.

Free Spring Meal Planning Printable

Free Printable Weekly Menu Plan Template - What Mommy Does

This weekly meal planning printable is great for organizing a weekly meal plan down to what you'll have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time! Great idea for busy families and especially for a weight loss plan.

Kitchen Binder Printables - Scattered Squirrel

Keep all your recipes and other essential kitchen info together in one place with these kitchen binder printables.

Pretty Floral Meal Planning Printable

Meal Planning Printable

Printable Shopping List: Budget Meal Planning - Simplee Thrifty

shopping list set print

Free Sticky Note Meal Planner Printable - Planning Inspired

Free Sticky Note Meal Planner Printable

Frugal Meal Planning Printable - Mindfully Frugal Mom

Frugal Meal Planning

Free Printable Meal Planner (Home Sweet Home Vintage) - Crystal & Co.

free printable meal planner vintage

Free Meal Planning Printables - Urban Bliss Life

Free Printable Meal Planning Set by UrbanBlissLife.com

Free Weekly Menu Planning Printable - She Saved

Print this FREE Meal Planning Printable to help you to plan our your family meals and take some of the stress out of mealtime! 

Free Printable Meal Planner - Frugality Gal

Free printable meal planner : New to meal planning on a budget? Use this free printable menu planner to keep your grocery budget on track and get organized for the week ahead!

Refrigerator Organization and Meal Planning Tips (FREE Printable!) - Mama Harris' Kitchen

Refrigerator Organization and Meal Planning Tips (FREE Printable!) #OrganizeWithBrilliance AD | Mama Harris' Kitchen

Free Printable Meal Planner Kitchen Set - Frugal Mom Eh!

Free Printable Meal Planner Kitchen Set

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner - {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker

Free Printable Weekly Meal Plan Sheet

Free Meal Plan Printable Bullet Journal Stickers - My Crazy Good Life
These FREE meal plan printable bullet journal stickers are perfect for your meal planning. Print a sheet of 1 or 4 per page, or adjust size to your needs.

FREE Meal Planning Pack - Life of a Homeschool Mom

FREE Meal Planning Pack

 If you need more help with meal planning - and quick and easy meal ideas - we've got you covered!  Check this posts out.

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