We've Flipped for Flipp - and how you can use it to your advantage too...

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by Robin

When Flipp asked us to participate in their #FlippFood Challenge we didn't hesitate.

We only talk here about things we actually do or use, so even if we are compensated for writing, you know it's a legit thing for us. We're going to tell you what we really think. Really, it was just a matter of time that we wrote about Flipp, and if they'd like to pay us to do it, all the better! And, folks, we've used Flipp for months now and love it.

So what is Flipp?

It's an app you can download for free to find the best deals from store flyers. Shopping sales and using flyers is my hands-down favourite way to save. If you're buying healthy, whole foods, flyers beat coupons every time. It's rare to find coupons for fresh produce and other unprocessed foods, while through flyers, you can find them every single week.

Here's how we use Flipp to save money and time...

1. Flipp Makes Price Matching More Painless

We know lots of people who swear by Price Matching. You know the drill, I'm sure: take a competitors flyer to a store that Price Matches. Get the other store's sale price - sometimes plus a bit more.

Price Matching works great if you're organized enough to have all the flyers with you and if you don't mind being bold enough to slow up the line up behind you while you search the flyers to prove the price to the cashier. I've been neither consistently organized or bold in the past.

Here's a place where Flipp shines. You no longer need to haul around all the flyers and endure the eye-rolling of your fellow shoppers. With Flipp you've got all the flyers right there in the palm of your hand. Use the "Clippings" feature, and proving the sale price from the competitors becomes quick and convenient.

One caution: Like any new policy or technology, often the cashier is the last to know. Until using the Flipp app becomes more common, be prepared for a bit of resistance at first.

2. Save some trees.

For years I've wanted to be one of the people who put the "no junk mail, please" sign on their mailbox. Save some trees. Save us from clutter. Save some hassle recycling papers. 

But...my love of flyers had always held me back. We've saved tons of money over the years shopping sales with flyers.  Despite all the benefits, I couldn't put a stop to the junk mail. I can now! 

Paperless flyers through Flipp. (Not that it matters right now, we haven't had mail delivery to our door for years. Even though the "vicious" dog that scared the mail carrier is long gone - heck it's owner has even passed away - we still have a makeshift box down the street. I digress...in a big way...my apologies...)

3. Find Big Deals Fast

Besides the convenience of digital flyers in one place with Flipp, I use some of their special features consistently. 

The first is their sliding scale of % off. Open the flyer of your choice and at the bottom of the screen, there's a sliding scale. Slide that puppy to 50% and see what is deeply discounted this week. Slide it to whatever %-off you consider a good sale and make your list.


One caution: you still need to know your prices and flip through the whole digital flyer. The % off tool only works if the store has supplied the regular price and the sale price or they've written the ad with % off stated. If they have a great sale price, but haven't listed the regular one, the folks at Flipp can't assign a % to it.

4. Organized Clippings

Here's how you make your list. There's a page in the app that holds all the sales that you Clip. (Oh! Just got that now: Flipp = flyers + clip, yeah I'm just that quick.) The Clippings page will collect all the sales you've circled in the flyers, organized by store. Genius!

This week when we ran out of milk, I was able to open up Flipp, and while I ran into the drug store to get our 1%, I picked up hairspray and toothpaste at 50% off. 

If I didn't have my Clippings I wouldn't possibly remember what was at a great price where. I used to make a paper list, and then I'd promptly forget to take it with me anywhere. Now, it's always with me.

4. Speedy Search for Deals

Want to find the best price for something specific, but don't want to search through all the flyers looking for it? Yup, Flipp has a solution for that too. 

There's a search tool that will do the looking for you. Have a kid that's partial to pears, just type it in and you'll see all the stores with pears on sale - in mere moments.


It's not just for food! 
For example, this week at swimming lessons I realized our long-tall-sally of a daughter had outgrown yet another swimsuit. Right there I hauled out my phone and used the Flipp search. I added stores to my Clippings where I can find a new suit on sale. Saving time. Saving money. That's what we're all about.


5. Wider Access to More Flyers

If you live in a rural home or apartment building you might not get many flyers delivered. For years you may have been missing out on the fantastic flyer deals. With this app, you've got them delivered right to your phone.

I work in a different community than I live. There are some stores near to my work, that aren't available at home. Those stores have never bothered to circulate flyers to my hometown, so even though I drive past them a few times a week, I've never known what deals are worth stopping for. Now I've got those stores deals in the palm of my hand. Without driving out of my way, I can periodically stop in when a sale is worth it. Or drive right by when there's nothing of interest.


I'm sure there are even more features worth exploring. These are just our Top Five so far. There are parts of the app - like the Shopping List - that I have yet to use. I plan to explore that next!

Flipp gave us $100 to take their Flipp Food Challenge! Here's how we did:

Food Basics

Dollars Spent: $65.78

Money Saved: $43.51!

Steak!  Whole wheat pasta!  Hard to find for less than half price - but we did!  
(Hang on...how'd those Oreos get in there?  ED!!)

Shoppers Drug Mart 

As I did my mom's shopping, Ed used my Clippings on the Flipp app to pick up the best deals for things we needed here. Took no time and no organizing.

Dollars spent: $34.36

Money saved: $17.58!

We're pretty choosy about our coffee.  Kicking Horse isn't cheap - but it is our favourite - found for $6 off each!

Have you downloaded Flipp?  What's your favourite way to use it?


  1. Thanks for the review for all the reasons mentioned here, is why it is perfect for me. Least of which is losing my paper list that I'd noted the sales items and from where. Please let there be an iPad version- my smart phone isn't apple but I use my iPad for everything.

    1. Hiya, cred! It doesn't need to be apple! Ed has an android phone and uses the app. No worries there. :)

  2. Great Entry, Robin. Thanks for sharing this info. Will definitely check it out over the weekend! Pam

    1. You'll love it, Pam! We've been playing with the shopping list feature since posting this - it's pretty great too. Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. HOLY CRAP. And I mean that. HOLY CRAP!!!


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