Our Top Recipes of 2019 (All are Easy and Family-Friendly!)

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by Robin
top easy family recipes 2019

We've got so many family- and budget-friendly recipe ideas to share with you this coming year!  Our plan is to share something fabulous every week - we're really excited.  Before we do that though, we thought it would be fun to look back at what our readers enjoyed most in 2019.  Are your favourites on the list?

You can also see our top DIY projects of 2019 here.

Our Top Recipe Posts of 2019...

10. Easy Rustic Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Red Wine
We LOVE this one and eat it every couple of weeks.  The perfect blend of easy and delicious.
 (It's on my list to retake the photos for this post - it's so much more delicious than it looks! My mistake was trying to reheat the leftovers the next day - which is AMAZING tasting but the gravy soaked into everything and it does not look good at all in photos.)

9. 20+ Absolutely Delicious Non-Pumpkin Thanksgiving Desserts & Treats
Looks like lots of folks who aren't fans of pumpkin got some different festive treats this year! Glad to help. 

8. 20+ Unique Christmas Cookies for Cookie Exchange this Year
Next year we're doing a cookie exchange FOR SURE - the trick will be narrowing it down to just a few cookies.
(This year life went off the rails and sadly we didn't get to do this in 2019.)

7. How to Marinade Steak and Grill It to Perfection
Ed makes AMAZING steaks - rivalling the quality of The Keg!
 He shared his secrets here - and people loved them.

6. 20+ Easy, Freezer Meals: Chicken Thigh Recipes (Stock up when on sale!)
I love having freezer-friendly recipes for big-ticket grocery items. This list is really handy when chicken thighs (our favourite!) go on sale because normally they're kinda pricey. Stock your freezer with delicious, meals and you've won dinner.

5. 20+ Absolutely Delicious Recipes for Pork Chops in Instant Pot
We did so much with our Instant Pot in 2019. You too?
 This list of pork chop pressure cooker recipes was a hit!

4. Oreo Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe that kids can make!
This ice cream cake is GENIUS! It looks fabulous, you can make it in just a few minutes, you can customize it to any flavour - AND it costs a fraction of the Dairy Queen version. 

3. Fast and Tender Instant Pot BBQ Chicken (a Whole Chicken in under an hour!)
Ed is so Instant Pot savvy - and this is another terrific recipe that proves it!

2. 20+ Easy No Bake Christmas Treats
No-bake treats are a great way to make a lot of different desserts without timing bake times - plus when you're not using the oven it's easy for kids to help!

1. Instant Pot Korean Beef ~ so fast and tender!
Yet another Instant Pot recipe - and it's no surprise it's our #1 2019 recipe - it's ultra-easy and so tasty!

Our Top Ideas (of any time!):

Here's a glimpse of the projects and recipes people visited the most in 2019 - regardless of when we published them.  Some of our favourite projects are here!

top budget ideas 2019

12. How to DIY: Wood Herringbone Ceiling (Another Great Basement Ceiling Idea!)

11. How to Make a DIY Wall-to-Wall Bookcase (An IKEA Billy Bookcase Built in) ++

10. How to Make a Faux Beam with Wood - for Less Than $20!

9. DIY Rust Repair: How to get rid of rust on your car

8. How to Install Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles (That You Can Grout!)

7. How to Make a Denim Quilt Using Old Jeans (An Ultra Simple Sewing Project!)

6. 25+ Free Road Trip Printables for a Truly Fun Family Car Trip

5. How to Make a DIY Bubble Fountain Garden Water Feature (in an afternoon & on a budget!)

4. How to Make a Basement Plywood Ceiling (that looks like wood paneling!)

3. 20+ Almost No Prep Instant Pot Dump Recipes (Make it in Mere Minutes!)

2. Fast & Tender Ribs in the Instant Pot (that taste BBQ'd!)

1. How to Make a Weed-free Brick Driveway (that Stays that way!)

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