20+ Unique Christmas Cookies for Cookie Exchange this Year

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by Robin

best cookies for cookie exchange

I've already started thinking about planning a Christmas cookie exchange this year -and if my wily plans go well there will be two! Just moments ago I planted the idea seed for my daughter to plan one too. I feel slightly devious for planting that idea in her head - because my motivation is entirely selfish - MORE COOKIES!!

I know our whole family will benefit from eating all the delicious cookie exchange recipes her friends come with.  (You know Charlotte loves baking - she's shared lots of her lovely baking recipes here.)  Is there anything more charming than a plate full of beautiful Christmas cookies?

What are the best cookies for cookie exchange parties? Of course, anything goes - cookies are by definition tiny pieces of perfection! But the most fun comes from choosing really unique Christmas cookies - the kind that make your eyes light up with delight and taste fabulous.  The list that follows checks all those boxes: unique Christmas cookies for cookie exchange this year!

unique christmas cookies

Unique Christmas Cookies for Cookie Exchange this Year

Candy Cane White Chocolate Marble Biscotti
Candy Cane White Chocolate Biscotti

Easy Reindeer Sugar Cookies
easy reindeer sugar cookies

Cinnamon Stars from Kitchen Frau 
cinnamon star cookies

Chocolate Chip and Nut Fruit Cake Cookies from An Italian In My Kitchen 
chocolate nut fruit cake cookies

Christmas Candy Cane Cookies from Home Cooking Memories 
Christmas Candy Cane Cookies

Cranberry Orange Thumbprint Cookies from Crumb Top Baking 
Cranberry orange thumbprint cookies

Easy Santa Sugar Cookies from The Mommy Mix 
easy santa sugar cookies

Eggnog Cookie Cups from Busy Creating Memories 
eggnog cookies

Gingerbread Yule Log Cookies from Food Meanderings 
gingerbread yule log cookies

Grinch Cool Whip Cookies from Cherished Bliss 
cool whip grinch cookies

Healthy Gingerbread Thumbprint Cookies from Amy's Healthy Baking 
healthy gingerbread thumbprint cookies

Holy Cannoli Cookies from Snappy Gourmet 
holy cannoli cookies

Jack Frost Pinwheel Cookies from Kleinworth Co. 
jack frost pinwheel cookies

Melted Snowman Cookies from Easy Peasy and Fun 
melted snowman cookies

Reindeer Sugar Cookies from The Best Ideas for Kids 
reindeer sugar cookies

Santa Star Cookies from Red Ted Art 
santa star cookies

Slice and Bake Christmas Cookies from Craft Create Cook 
slice and bake christmas stripe cookies

Spiced Polar Bear Cookies from Pint Sized Treasures 
spiced polar bear cookies

The Best Gingerbread Cookies from Mommy Evolution 
best gingerbread cookies

The Easiest Christmas Tree Cookies From Janine Huldie 
easy christmas tree cookies

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