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Easy DIY House Number 8 Wreath Craft: 5 minutes and less than $20!

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by Robin

I just made this easy DIY house number 8 wreath craft in 5 minutes! It couldn’t have been simpler and turned out so much cuter than a five-minute craft has any right to. I’m very happy with the house number wreath – it’s natural and bold – and the fact that it cost less than $20 to make doesn’t hurt either.

At first, I had no plans to blog about this craft. It seemed way too specific: how many people could want to make a number 8 wreath?!

But then, I realized that likely most streets in the world have a number eight on it. Unless it’s a very short street? Maybe this craft isn’t so specific to just me after all.

Also, what’s fun for me about this craft is it reminds me of the olden days of blogging. Meaning 10 years ago when the blogging pioneers like me started. Back in the day, you could share an easy fun thing and not overthink it to death.

Death by overthinking seems like the current blogging standard, for good reasons of course. But thousand-word posts with 50 pictures that answer 75 questions are not always much fun to write. They often take days to perfect – not even including the time it takes to actually make the project. It can be a slog.

So this very simple tutorial for a very simple craft is refreshing and fun for me to share! I’m not going to overthink this for even a second. This feels like pure retro fun for me!

Quite simply, here’s how to make a cheerful and cheap number 8 wreath craft…


DIY House Number 8 Wreath Craft Supplies
Notice – no tools! (ok ok, you need scissors…)

Nothing to measure either.

Steps for this house number 8 wreath:

Easy DIY House Number 8 Wreath Craft
On the back of each of these faux boxwood wreaths you’ll find a hole.

Simply slip a zip tie between them both to hold them together.

Look at your wreath from the front as you adjust the tension on the zip tie. Stop tightening it when you like how the wreaths sit together.

Trim the zip tie.

Zip tie hanger for DIY House Number 8 Wreath Craft
Next we will make the hanger with zip ties too.

At the top of your wreath, wrap a zip tie around the frame. Don’t worry, the faux boxwood is bushy enough to hide the zip tie.

Again, trim the tie
number 8 wreath craft 10
Next, make a loop with another zip tie around the top tie. This will make an eye where you can hang your number 8 wreath on a hook.

Cut off the excess zip tie.
Faux Boxwood Number 8 Wreath Craft
Hang it! Have you done a simpler craft?! Ha, me neither.

(Also, do you notice a sneak peek of our latest DIY? A reclaimed material coat rack wall that I’m smitten with it! Coming soon…)

Cheap DIY House Number 8 Wreath Craft
The wreath is very light and can swing around a lot.

To solve this problem I used a heavy-duty magnet on the bottom inner edge of the lower wreath to hold it still. That did the job!

Delivery drivers are going to LOVE this wreath! You can see our house number from space now.

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Friday 27th of May 2022

DANG! I wish I my house number was #8! I love that...and I love that your house number is a single digit! Seems so much more neighborly. Mine is 4 digits long!


Friday 3rd of June 2022

Thanks, Lynn! I agree! :)