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How to Make a Classic, Natural & Easy Nut Wreath for the Holidays

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easy nut wreath

by Robin

I love the natural elegance of this simple nut wreath – and I was so easy to make! 

It takes some time to put together, but if you work at it while watching Christmas movies (like, Elf, our new favourite) time will fly.  If you are a puzzle fan it will be right up your alley.

There is something so satisfying about finding just the right nut for where you need it (a bit of an analogy for our marriage, I must say).

nut wreath

How to make a Holiday Nut Wreath

The idea for this wreath came to me way back in 2000 from (who else really?) Martha Stewart.  I tweaked the design and made it my own, but Martha deserves the props for the inspiration.

You can visit her post for the details – but do you need to really?  I can sum it up here:

Take a wreath form and glue some nuts on it.

The most significant difference with my wreath and Martha’s is that I used a straw wreath form (not wood).  Straw wreath forms are just plain cheaper and easier to find.  My form is 18 inches.

A straw form is lighter too.  With all those nuts – this is a darn heavy wreath!

Keep the weight in mind when you are hanging it.    I have hung it on the wall on a very strong hook (probably a hollow-wall anchor is not a bad idea).  The last few seasons I have just leaned it against the wall on top of an armoire.  This wreath would also be lovely on a table with candles in the centre and a few greens.

I also used some open shells of the walnuts.  As you can see below.  I find them so interesting to look at.  Sort of like hearts – and hearts are a symbol of love.  And love is everything.

make a nut wreath

This is not a door wreath.  I think the impact of a slamming or two would send it flying, and possibly concuss someone nearby.

It is definitely not a front door wreath.  First, hot glue and cold temperatures are not friends.  Plus, contrary to Martha, I think hanging this particular wreath outdoors is not a good thing.

More importantly!  Martha must have more civilized critters on her estates. Were I to have hung this wreath on the front door I would have a bare wreath form and obese squirrel corpses decorating my porch.  

This was my first foray into the hot glue gun.  (Christmas crafting is decidedly less charming when you can’t hear the carols over the crafting lady’s screams of pain and obscenities that would make Gordon Ramsey blush).

I was trying to pull the hot glue off before it cooled.  A bad idea.  I could have entered the witness protection program: I had no fingerprints left!

I learned, much too late, to keep a bowl of icy water nearby to dunk my fingers in when I got hot glue on them.  Then the glue just peels off.  Lesson learned.

I acknowledge that using food for decoration can be a bit hard to swallow for some.  There is something wasteful about using something as precious as food for something so frivolous as decorating.  Every year I use this wreath it gets a little less wasteful.  I made this wreath shortly after Ed and I got married, 11 years ago.  (Update in 2017: Still using it 17 years later!  No food waste guilt here.)

Have you made a holiday wreath that you love?

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Tuesday 20th of December 2011

Is it staring at you too? That would be creepy...;) Robin


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

I'm staring at a nut/pinecone wreath right now outside my docs office.