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Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable ~ a Handy Cheat Sheet to Solve Cooking Problems Quickly

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Make cooking easier with our free printable kitchen conversion chart. This perfect handy cheat sheet will help you quickly convert measurements and more in one easy-to-use chart.

Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable

The surest way to eat well and save money doing it is to cook at home.

But sometimes you run out of an ingredient – or need to change the recipe slightly to accommodate your preferred cooking method. You might also need to convert from a volume or weight measurement in a recipe to whatever type of measure you happen to have in your kitchen (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything here).

Usually, when I’m up against this sort of high-stakes decision, my hands are wet/covered in ingredients/stirring a pot and ‘Googling the Answer’ is actually a multi-step process.

Washing my hands, drying them, typing a question, and sorting through the results are not what I want to be navigating in my time-sensitive cooking life-or-death situation.

I need an at-a-glance reference page, preferably posted near the stove or fridge and I NEED IT NOW!

Our handy cheat sheet was created with this in mind and ensures that common kitchen conversions are right at your fingertips.

Having our Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable will help you have more confidence in the kitchen!

Save it as a .pdf on your phone – or print it and hang it in a cupboard. Do whatever works for you.

What is a kitchen conversion chart?

This Kitchen Conversion Chart has all the measurements and substitutions you need to make sure your recipe turns out well despite the challenge you’ve come up against. In one place you’ll find everything you need to adjust measurements, times and ingredients when cooking and baking. For example, it will help you to convert cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, pounds, ounces, gallons, volume and temperature. And more!

Our kitchen conversion chart printable includes:

  • Emergency Ingredient Substitutions,
  • Grain to Liquid Ratios and Cooking Times,
  • Converting Slow Cooker to Instant Pot recipes,
  • Proper Meat Cooking Temperatures and More.

Download your free printable kitchen conversion chart and save so much kitchen time and stress!

Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable

Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable

Emergency Ingredient Substitutions

  • Ingredient substitutions for when you run out. For the exact measurements download the Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable.
  • Included are:
    • Baking powder → Baking soda + cream of tartar
    • Baking soda → Baking powder
    • Bread crumbs → Cracker crumbs
    • Brown sugar → Sugar + molasses
    • Butter → Mashed banana or avocado
    • Buttermilk → Applesauce
    • Cake flour → All-purpose flour (minus a bit)
    • Cornstarch → Instant mashed potatoes
    • Cream → Milk + butter
    • Cream of Tartar → Lemon juice or white vinegar
    • Eggs → Banana or applesauce
    • Fresh herbs → Dried herbs (less)
    • Mayo → Yogurt
    • Milk → Evaporated milk + water
    • Oil → Applesauce
    • Red wine → Beef stock
    • Self-rising flour → Flour + baking powder + baking soda
    • Sour cream → Plain yogurt
    • Soy sauce → Tamari or coconut aminos
    • Tomato sauce → Tomato paste + water
    • Vinegar → Lemon juice
    • White wine → Chicken stock

Grain to Liquid Ratios and Cooking Times

  • Instantly find the grain cooking times for Stove Top and Instant Pot
  • Grains included are:
    • Brown/wild rice
    • Couscous
    • Quinoa
    • Rolled oats
    • Steel cut oats
    • White rice

How do you convert a recipe from Slow cooker to Instant Pot?

Oven, Slow Cooker and Instant Pot Conversions

  • You can convert any recipe from Oven to Slow Cooker to Instant Pot (and vice versa) with this handy guide

We have so many easy, delicious recipes to try!
~ Instant Pot Recipes
~ Slow Cooker Recipes

How do you convert measurements for cooking?

Liquid Measures

  • Easily convert gallons to quarts to cups to fluid oz
  • Also, convert cups to tablespoons and fluid ozs

Dry Measures

  • Quickly convert cups to tablespoons to teaspoons

Proper Meat Cooking Temperatures

  • Never forget the best internal food temperature for:
    • Beef (Medium rare, Medium, Well done and Ground)
    • Pork (Medium, Medium Well, Well done and Ground)
    • Poultry
Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable

Here it is:

Your Free Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable

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Download your free printable kitchen conversion chart HERE

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