Antennas Direct In Canada! Clearstream 4 field test

Monday, May 25
By Ed

As we mentioned a couple months back, Antennas Direct is now in Canada in a big way. Best Buy now stocks their high quality HDTV Antennas in store and online. This means most Canadians who may have been thinking about trying out an antenna, but didn't like the idea of ordering online, can now walk into a big box store and get one of the finest out there. Great news all around.

Antennas Direct sent us a couple different models to try out. Our location - about an hour outside of Toronto - meant that we focused on one: The ClearStream 4, for our review. The ClearStream 2 would be a good contender if we lived in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or the "suburbs". If you don't live in Southwestern Ontario, substitute any large urban centre in your area for the GTA and you get the picture (TV pun!).

Now on to the ClearStream 4:

A fun way to clear some clutter and collect some cash (Facebook 24-hour Auctions)

Tuesday, May 19

by Robin


Does your community have a Facebook Auction group?  It would quite literally pay to check it out.  So far we've made hundreds of dollars auctioning off stuff that was collecting dust around our place (also quite literally - I am a hopeless housekeeper).   

I'm convinced that through these auctions we've earned many times what we would have from selling the same stuff at a garage sale.  Plus, we didn't need to get up with the birds on the weekend (unheard of around here), or sit in a lawn chair in the rain or go bonkers putting tiny price tags on things.   All fabulous reasons enough to give Facebook Auctions a try.

I have a blast selling this way!  For 24 hours my family gets to hear me squeal when the next bid comes in.  (I'm sure they love it and it is not annoying at all.)  This is likely a sign that I need to get out more, but in the meantime, here's my tips for how you can join in this fun.

Build Expensive Lego Kits for Way Way Less: Papa's Brick Room review.

Monday, May 11
By Ed

For me, a Lego Millennium Falcon has been a dream since I played with Lego as a kid (so, the 1980s... and actually a surprisingly long portion of the 1990s too. Robin shakes head in dismay). I built several drafts over the years, but nothing was quite right.

Fast forward 15-odd years to when I was a parent of young kids, who were just getting into Lego. I have cracked open the box of parts from my childhood and purchased a few new Star Wars kits. We build them happily together, but still something is missing. Yes, the Millennium Falcon kit was released, but it was sold during a time that I did not have kids, so again, we do our best, we plug away, I dream...

Fast forward a few more years. The kids and Lego collection have grown. We now have a sprawling mass of parts; shelves in our playroom are filled with years of kits from birthdays, Christmas, a trip to Legoland Orlando and numerous allowance-saving-ups.  We are ankle deep in Lego.

And, Lego relaunches an undated Millennium Falcon. I can't bring myself to buy it.  First off, it is very expensive ($249 at Amazon when I last checked)!  Secondly, I don't want to just build it to leave it on a shelf a la Will Farrell in The Lego Movie. Thirdly, I also don't want to build it and then watch it get absorbed into the Lego pile, never to fly again.

Finally, Robin will have none of it.  So that is it... 

Or is it?  Here's how we're building really expensive Lego kits for really cheap!

Spring Break Ideas (...when you're stuck at home and it's still winter outside)

Friday, March 6

For most parents out there reading this, there will be a 5 day vacation coming for your kids in the next week or two. This vacation for your kids will likely mean more work for you, but it can be fun (really, it can) if you organize it properly. 

If you are taking this time off from work - first off, good for you - and second, what do you have planned? If flying south or driving south or whatever sort of getaway you’d like to take isn’t in the cards, check out our list of ways to spend time as a family without spending the kids college funds.

Here's our ideas...
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