Even More Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas, Games and Printables 2.0

Tuesday, October 14
By Robin and Ed

Our First Minecraft Party was a pretty big deal. In the cyberworld, over a quarter million folks have checked it out - and dozens of people have been kind enough to leave comments about how well their party turned out with our ideas.  #bestpartofblogging

More importantly, in the real world, our son loved it. For months leading up to his birthday this year, he was been telling us "I want a Minecraft Night Party this time." We smiled and nodded and said, "Wouldn't you rather do another type of birthday?". Nope.

So, as it became clear that we were committed to a second coming of Steve and friends, we needed some clarification.  Chiefly, a Minecraft Night Party isn't a sleepover or a party at night.  What he wanted was a bigger kid version of Minecraft, with more of the creepy monsters (or MOBs, in Minecraft-speak) that come out at night. Once we established this, ideas began to percolate.

Read on, check them out and enjoy laughing at our scheduling genius that saw us plan a 4 hour party for 8 kids. Yup, you read that right. Four. Hour. Party. 

Unbundle Yourself: Part 5 - VOIP one month update (Phone Power Review)

Thursday, August 21
By Ed

Today we got back from vacation and checked our paper mail - Bell had sent us a "Thanks for being our customer" Card. And we're done. No messy late night break-up calls, begging to have us back. We've moved on and so have they.

Or maybe they're just getting call blocked by our new Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) service.

We love it. Here's Why...

Renting a Cottage is Better Than Owning One - Here's Why...

Tuesday, July 22
by Robin and Ed

We are mourning a loss this summer. Our favourite rental cottage - one we've been going to since our daughter was 6 months old - was sold to a new owner. Will they rent it? We don't know. It was a good run of years and we've lost count of how many summers we've spent anywhere from a full week to a few days there. Family, friends and pets have got to enjoy the beauty of Whitestone Lake and the joys of renting a cottage.

But, while we're a bit sad - we think our next rental outside Old Quebec City will help us get over it quite nicely.

Owning a cottage or vacation property is a savings goal for many. We can also admit to being tempted. But our years of cottage renting have shown us that there are many rewards - both financial and lifestyle – that can be realized by not buying a cottage.

For your consideration: our list of reasons why it is so much better to rent a cottage than to own one.

Unbundle Yourself: Part 4 - VOIP for Phone and cutting off our Bell Bill completely

Wednesday, July 9
By Ed.

After watching our landline bill from Bell (Basic phone service, no calling features, unlimited Long Distance Calling in Canada and the US) go up steadily for several months, we have been spurred to action.

As Robin said last week, "Why -the bleep- are we paying $67/month so companies can call us all day long to try and sell things?"

So, today I began a summer-long experiment to fully remove Bell from our lives. It isn't as easy as you might guess - most Internet connections require a basic phone hook-up for access - but we are giving it the old college try. Read on to see how we're getting started.

We're telling Ma Bell, "let's try taking a break", but we fully intend - like anyone who ever says that - to dump her expensive a$$.

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