27 June 2016

Mexican Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie Recipe #BornOnTheFarm

by Robin

Chocolate + Coconut Cream + A bit of Spice + Pie = Oh my!  Yes, please!

This delicious dessert was even more wonderful because our darling daughter made it for her Dad and Grandpa for Father's Day last weekend.   As she served it to them she had that same proud smile on her face as she did in the days when she served them pies her dimpled toddler hands had made with mud.  This time, thy didn't need to pretend to like them - the her baking creations now are delicious.  

This Mexican Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie is amazing and surprisingly simple to make.

This recipe is a wonderful treat.  
It has a kick of cayenne pepper with the dark chocolate that brings the heat. The cool coconut whipped cream balances it out perfectly and the whole experience feels like a plateful of tropical vacation.

It couldn't have been easier to add the sweet coconut cream flavour.  Gay Lea makes a convenient Real Coconut Whipped Cream in a fun spray can.  And it's made of REAL coconut cream - not just a cheap coconut flavoured chemical.  We had no idea about this product before they invited us to try it!  Now we're dreaming of other delicious ways to use it - especially with summer here - Pina Coladas anyone?!

Here's the recipe....

21 June 2016

No Babysitter Required* - At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

When you have kids, the cost of date nights can almost crush you.

You pay for so many things – babysitter, dinner, movie, drinks, coffee – the cost of the night – and the pressure to make it worth it - mount. A “traditional” date night of dinner and a movie could shake out like this:
  1. babysitting (6 hours @$7.50): $45
  2. nice dinner (with wine, dessert and coffee – plus tip): $80
  3. movies (at least we don’t need to buy snacks after that dinner!): $25

That’s $150! For one measly night out!

Now, of course, we could eat a less fancy dinner.  A fast food meal would cut this evening’s cost down – with shorter babysitting time and a cheap meal – probably half the cost. But, really, would that even feel worth the $75?

Enter “At-Home Date Nights”. Put the kids to bed, break out the low-to-moderate-cost idea list and remember what it is like to be a couple again.

05 June 2016

Where to find Video Games from your Childhood - a Great Cheap Source for Retro Games

By Ed

Summer's coming and that means... Video Games?

Um, hopefully not exclusively - but summer has its share of rainy days and kids can't be in camp or on a cottage vacation every minute. So yeah, gaming - for better or worse - will probably be a part of lots of kids summer vacations.

We've written here before about some of our favourite console titles as well as video game making websites like Scratch.

But what about the classics?

  • If your kids loved music, you'd want to make sure they heard some Beethoven and the Beatles amongst all their current pop music. 
  • If they enjoyed sports, you'd likely want to make sure they knew about Gretzky or Michael Jordan. 
Similarly, video games have a huge back catalog of titles and many of them are excellent, educational and (best-of-all) cheap!  We've found a great source...