When you're sick of your old oak kitchen...

by Robin

What do you do when you've got a dated golden oak kitchen, but not the budget to replace it?  What if those same cabinets are in too good of shape to take a sledgehammer to?  What if your life is maxed out busy and you can't have your kitchen out of commission for even a few days?

That was us.  And maybe you too?

We were tired of our tired kitchen.  It had it's flaws, not just in style, but in substance too.  The storage and counterspace were limited and what we did have just wasn't functioning well.

So we got creative.  And busy.  And patient.

Patient?  Well, this reno took us more than a few days.  It was a few months.  By our own choosing mind you.  We had many small windows of time in which to tackle this reno.  If we had the luxury of some days in a row we could have banged it all out in a week.  But that's not our reality.

So we coined this makeover "The Slow Mo Kitchen Reno".  We didn't have a single day that the kitchen was out of commission, but we had a few months where the kitchen looked half-baked.

We will share lots of how-to's in future posts, this one is all about the Before and Afters!

Sell it for More! Lessons Learned from (Sort-of) Flipping a House (Part 1: The Plan)

by Robin

Despite our inexperience, when we were tasked with selling my mom's old townhouse we weren't nervous - we were excited! I felt like that clumsy kid who finally got picked for the team they've been dying to be a part of.  (Also, I am that clumsy kid so I do know precisely how it feels.)

I'm a bit obsessive and neurotic when it comes to houses.  I love them.  Ed's with me in this department.  We were ready to finally dive into our first house "flip".

We had a lot of work to do to get my mom's house ready to sell.  We had ideas and lessons to learn.  We worked our butts off - and it paid off.  After the first open house we got an offer - and two days later it was sold!

Our realtor estimated that the work we did accounted for a $20,000 profit on the sale.

Wonder how we did it?  

Here's the first five lessons we learned when we "flipped" my mom's house - and netted a tidy profit!

How to Watch Netflix and Hulu from Many Other Countries

By Ed

Alright first off, we are Netflix fanboys and fangirls. We signed up the month it debuted in Canada for our free trial. We have waffled a couple times - early on selection was spotty and streaming on the Wii with a slow internet connection was periodically frustrating. But since then, we've paid a few dollars more for a faster internet connection and Netflix has steadily improved their offerings.

Some countries get "Better Call Saul", other places get "The Hobbit" and "Batman Begins". 
Find out how to "travel" electronically to all of them without spending a fortune on airline tickets.

Oh, and we Netflix-surf around the globe when we run out of content available in Canada - What ? How? Not only Netflix, but Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and other "region-blocked" websites can be had. And we're here to tell you about it...

$1 Rainy Day Boredom Buster

by Robin

Is it raining where you are?  It sure is here.  Cats and Dogs (and I think I saw a Gerbil coming down with them).

This post is a quick one, just one simple idea to keep your kids occupied on a day stuck indoors.  It's inexpensive and engrossing for little people's imaginations: Cheap.  Cheerful.  Creative.  (What we're all about here at Frugal Family Times!)

Here it is:

Happy Canada Day! 5 Fun, Quick and Patriotic Lego Builds...

I just HAD to share this post that Ed wrote for the Papa's Brick Room blog!  We all had a blast creating these simple Canada Day Lego builds. Such a great activity for our rainy day.

In Canada, July 1st means fireworks, a day off and wearing as much red and white as you can. Here at Papa’s Brick Room, we decided it also should have some LEGO. We’ve come up with some fun little MOC (My Own Creation) builds that you can likely make with bricks you already have in your Lego collection.  True Patriot LEGO Love!

Follow this link to keep reading...

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