Cranberry Apple Cobbler in the Slow Cooker (Christmas Morning Recipes Blog Hop!)

by Robin

Hang on - a Registered Dietitian is planning cobbler and ice cream for breakfast!?!  You betcha!  It's Christmas! The one day a year having the most decadent breakfast is absolutely required.  My kids will find this AMAZING.  (Hey - it's not totally out of character for me.  I'm the RD who shared a recipe for soup with chips in it!)

I'm thankful to Jo-Anna from A Pretty Life for inviting me to participate in my very first Blog Hop!  This one is so much fun.  When you get to the bottom of this post you'll find links to all the bloggers sharing their great ideas for special Christmas Morning Breakfasts.  I can't wait for you to see what my fellow Canadian bloggers are sharing.  They're such a talented group!

I've made this Cranberry Apple Cobbler for many many years.  It's become one of my signature dishes to take to potlucks during the holidays.  I always bring copies of the recipe along - people always ask how to make this themselves.  It's that good.

This cobbler doubles nicely for big gatherings.  BUT! Don't double the topping - the dumplings will not cook properly!  (I learned the hard way - so you don't have to.)  Just double the fruit mixture.

Part of the joy of this recipe is the smell.  It smells exactly like Christmas.  This will be my first time making this Cranberry Apple Slow Cooker Cobbler for breakfast - and I can't wait to wake up Christmas morning to the aroma.


New Basement Bathroom: No Major Construction! How to Install a Powder Room with Saniflo

By Ed

This fall we put a Sanicompact macerating toilet from Saniflo Canada in our basement powder room. We talked about all the great reasons for choosing it here.  From a practical standpoint, the best parts were that it allowed us to add a sink and toilet without breaking up the concrete floor and without using the space a conventional toilet would have taken.

A conventional toilet would have stuck out too far into the room for Robin's preferred design.
In a room this small - every inch counts!

But how hard was it to install?
Well, I'm here this time to walk you through it with lots of photos (we took over 180!) and some tips that I learned from our install.

Saniflo Canada provided not only the Sanicompact toilet but also the technical support whenever I had a question.  Between my experiences and their insight, I hope this tutorial will help you in deciding if you can install one and help you in the process.

So I wrote this post to help you add a bathroom without Major construction. I learned A LOT. Below I share my tips and tutorial on how to install a Saniflo macerating toilet system.  


Candy Cane White Chocolate Marble Biscotti - a Sweet Christmas Cookie Gift

by Charlotte

Our 13 year-old daughter is our Baking Contributor.  Oh this momma's proud! She's shared a few of her sweet treats already - you can find them all here - and she always does her own photography.  This post is a first though!  This is the first time she's written the intro to it herself.  It's so much fun - and crazy delicious!    😊 ~ Robin

What's the best winter drink in the world? Hot chocolate, right? Warms you up after tobogganing or an icy walk. It's not too difficult to make and it's also chocolate. You can have it cold, you can pour it in a thermos or just pop it in a mug. What's not to love?

There's not much you can do to improve it, though. I guess you can add marshmallows or whipped cream, but that's boring. I want something unique and special. Something to add some pizzazz.

Biscotti was the only cure to this hot chocolate sadness.

Not just any biscotti. Super Biscotti. I worked in my lab to concoct the best biscotti ever. It couldn't just be plain, it had to have chocolate. But not completely chocolate, it also had to have more chocolate and candy canes. I created with my heat ray (the oven) and the magic pot (a double boiler) to make... CANDY CANE WHITE CHOCOLATE MARBLE BISCOTTI!!! (Try saying that ten times fast.)

This recipe sounds crazy complicated but it really isn't. You just make the dough, cook it once, slice the loaves, cook them again, plop in some chocolate and candy canes and presto, you got biscotti.

The best biscotti.

This recipe is tasty and not too difficult. Another plus is that you can take breaks during the cooking. You can also leave the white chocolate and candy canes out but I don't recommend it.

Now stop reading this and start baking...I'm going to bake some more to give to my friends and teachers.  I think my Candy Cane White Chocolate Marble Biscotti will be a great Christmas gift!