Tiny Budget & Big Fun: Summer Vacation in Your Own Town

by Ed

Summer Vacation is awesome. It can mean road trips, cottage rentals, amusement parks and beaches.

All of these can be fun but they're time-consuming and their financial costs quickly add up. Plus, the average family can't spend every week of the summer doing 'a big trip'.

We decided to distill some ideas that can fit into any week, any budget and -best of all- you can discover (or rediscover) many of these things in your own backyard.


Keep Cool For Way Less Cash - 8 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills

Summer is in full swing around here and while it hasn't even been as stiflingly hot as last year, there are still days where firing up the air conditioner seems like the only way to cope. 

But so far, we've (mostly) resisted. 

We have some strategies for keeping cool that don't mean huge electricity bills. Here are eight simple ways to help you minimize your monthly bills without compromising your comfort.


14 Signs Your Family Vacation Plans are TOO Cheap

by Ed

Around here we draw a clear distinction between 'Frugal' and 'Cheap'.

  • Frugal means getting the best bang for your buck - making sure your hard earned money is going the distance for you. 
  • Cheap is spending as little as possible, often sacrificing enjoyment or quality in the process. 

Our goal:  Be Frugal - not Cheap.

Usually here, we have a serious discourse about this distinction. This is not one of those times.

Today we're just going to have some fun with some summer vacation suggestions that are (hopefully) clear examples of being 'Cheap'.  We hope you have as much fun reading them as we did writing them - and we hope these ideas DON'T stir up any repressed childhood memories...

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Tiny Budget & Big Fun: Summer Vacation in Your Own Town