25+ Free Printables for a Super Fun Family Road Trip

by Robin

Our last Family Road Trip post has been read more than 50,000 times! And it's been shared more than 8,000 times!  It was full of the ideas we came up with to survive travelling with kids on a long road trip.  It was 5 years ago and as we plan our next long road trip I'm happy to reread it and remember the tips!  I don't know how I forgot some of them - I'm adding aluminum foil to my list right now. 😜

This year our kids will be older: 11 and 13.  We expect our ride to be smoother than last time - for one they've both got bigger bladder capacity now.  (This time I don't expect our son to need to publicly urinate in from of state troopers.) But this time around we are spending more total hours in the car travelling from Ontario to Calgary, Alberta and back.  Dang, Ontario is big - it's going to take two days just to get to the border from home!

We need some new ideas to keep our family amused during these extra long hours in the car.

I decided to find a whole bunch of free printable road trip car games and make a huge folder of them to spread out over the drive.  I plan to also bring some plastic sheet protectors and low odor dry erase markers to reuse the best games.  'Cause I ain't bringing a printer on this trip with us.

It would seem like a waste to just amass such a great list for ourselves when we can share them all with you!  So here's a list of 25+ great free games worth printing for your long drive ahead.


Happy Canada Day! 5 Fun, Quick and Truly Canadian Lego Builds

By Ed

Canada turns 150 years old this year  (or about 13,000, when you include First Nations settlement).  Either way, our country looks pretty good for its age. We will celebrate in lots of ways - a cross-country road trip in August among them - but we're sharing something fun right now:

5 fun and simple Canada Day themed LEGO creations!

Most of these mini-kits can be built with pieces you probably already have in your LEGO collection and your Canadian Lego fan will love this way of celebrating!


12 Times Salad Kits are a Smart Money Choice

by Robin

Do you use packaged salad kits?  Do you ever feel a tiny bit guilty about it?

As a Registered Dietitian and Frugal Blogger, I'm here to tell you: cut that thinking out!  Did you shoplift the salad? Then you should feel very guilty.  But if you're making this choice because you are a busy parent who also wants to eat healthfully - don't waste your time on guilt.  There are times convenience foods can be incredibly helpful.

We love salads. We try to have them as an option with every dinner meal.  The health benefits are obviously a big plus: Fiber! Vitamins! Phytochemicals! But beyond that - a good salad tastes great and the texture and freshness makes the rest of the meal taste better too.  What's not to love?

Well, to be honest, we don't love the work that goes into making these salads. After a busy day at work and prepping the main course feels like plenty to do.  The idea of washing, drying, peeling and chopping the ingredients for a side dish is less than inspiring.  That's why prepared salads often have been our go-to quick, fresh side.

The good folks at Eat Smart sent us a few of their new flavours of Gourmet Premium Kits and single-serve Shake-Ups to taste and talk about. We're happy to have the opportunity to tell you all the ways packaged salads can make a smart money choice!

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25+ Free Printables for a Super Fun Family Road Trip