How to Make a Simple Window Seat Cushion - from Reclaimed Denim Jeans!

by Robin

A few weeks ago we shared our tutorial of how we made a built-in window seat from two Ikea nightstands.  It turned out so well! Our daughter is often found here curled up with a book in her little nook.

The part of the window seat we didn't cover in the window seat tutorial was how we made the seat cushion.  If you choose to make your cushion cover out of one large piece of fabric - this can be done entirely no sew!  That's how we made the cushion the first time and it held up great for years.

This time around we are decorating for a teen girl.  We have a teenage daughter!!! Cue the heart palpatations and pride.  She is such a great girl.  She is kind, funny, loyal and smart.  It is such a pleasure to redecorate her room to suit her personality.

We started first with a colour scheme: soft violet, grey and dark blue denim.  (You can see our mood board and ideas on our Teen Girl Bedroom Pinterest Board.)  She's a no-fuss blue jeans kind of girl and adding denim elements to her room is fitting.  Also, after making a denim quilt out of old jeans for our front porch, I knew that we could make something really cool for very little cash.

Here's how I made it...


20 Healthy Salmon Recipes Your Family Will Love

by Robin

As a Registered Dietitian I know full and well all the benefits of eating salmon.  But do you think it's a regular on our Meal Plan Master List?  

Nope.  Ed and I both love salmon - so the problem doesn't lie with us.  You guessed it.  We've got the same problem you likely do.  We have kids.  Kids can be less than open minded about some foods.  One of those foods - so far - has been salmon.

I desperately want my kids to eat salmon!  

  • I know that it's loaded with DHA Omega-3 fats which are amazing for growing brains - and aging ones, too.  

  • It's also an incredible source of Vitamin D.  In our frigid, grey Canadian winters - kids are too bundled up for their bodies to make the Sunshine Vitamin.  From October to May Canadians need to be purposeful about getting Vitamin D.  Nutrients found naturally in food are my preferred method over supplements. (But we do take a supplement of Vitamin D in the winter months.  Ddrops are our favourite.)

So I've been experimenting with ways to get salmon onto our family table.  We already regularly eat some fish.  We've written before about our Healthier Fish Stick Hack recipe.  I had thought about just substituting salmon for the white fish - but sometimes you can run the risk of turning some kids off of a recipe they like by messing with it too much.

A couple of months ago I had some success with a Salmon Cakes recipe from this wonderful family cookbook,  Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide: Feed Your Family. Save Your Sanityfrom Sally at Real Mom Nutrition.  One kid liked them fine, and the other took a couple of nibbles.  That's success!  With a few tweaks to the recipe I think I can get our reluctant eater on board.

This meal inspired me to go hunting for salmon recipes from other mom's and that's what this post is about.  Below is 20+ healthy salmon recipes that I think may make it onto our table with success.  Hopefully yours too!


Recipe: Dark Beer Pulled Brisket on Cheddar Waffles with Blue Cheese Kale Coleslaw

By Ed

Once or twice a football season, I like to get together with a buddy who shares a similar passion for food, drink and the NFL and watch a game and eat myself stupid. I call it Foodball. (Well, I don't really call it that, but I just decided to start).

This season, I'd put that off too long, so when an ideal game showed up on the schedule  - Steelers (his team) vs. Bills (always on free Over-the-Air TV) - we decided to do something.

I had a 3lb beef brisket in the freezer. I'd bought it way back in summer when I saw it deeply discounted as it was approaching a sell-by date. I always scan the fresh cuts of meat section, looking for an "Enjoy Tonight!" sticker - how our store often denotes great deals - and this brisket is a reason why. It is a choice cut of meat that normally costs a lot.

Why yes, you are special, my well-marbled friend.

I'd also cooked a brisket over the summer with friends over a smoker. It was tasty, but it was also extremely time-consuming and I wanted a way to get that delicious meat without the hours.  Enter the Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Here's how it all went down.