Back to School Shopping: 10 Ways to Save Your Money and Your Sanity

by Robin

If you have kids, you know that school is starting up again (Yay!? Boo!?).

If you have left your home in the last month, you know the stores are screaming about “Back-to-School”! According to Deloitte's 2017 Back to School Survey, the average American household will spend over $500 on BTS items.  Do you really have to spend that much? We don’t think so and today we’re sharing our best frugal tips to Back to School time.

First off...

Don’t believe the hype!

If you believe the ads, all kids everywhere are getting all-new everything for the first day of school. Watching commercials, you could infer that if you don’t spring for all new duds, your child will be left out from day one.  Advertisers know a thing or two about preying on our biggest fears, don't they?

Don’t believe the hype! Sure there are parents that go nuts and buy every single thing new – but if the families we surveyed are any indicator – they are in the minority. If things still fit, most families are sticking with them.

We've got more tips for saving your money, time and sanity this year...


Host a Complete Backyard BBQ on a Tight Budget

Now that summer is here, who doesn’t like the sound of having some friends over, grilling something up and enjoying a drink or two on the back deck? 

The season is short, and while you may be tempted to scoop up the best rib-eye steaks you can find and stock your fridge with some pricy brews, the quintessential summer cookout can be done right, on a budget with a little planning. 

We've set ourselves an imaginary goal of hosting a BBQ for six guests for under $60 - why? Because its fun to set arbitrary goals!  Let’s fire up the grill and give it a shot.


Tiny Budget & Big Fun: Summer Vacation in Your Own Town

by Ed

Summer Vacation is awesome. It can mean road trips, cottage rentals, amusement parks and beaches.

All of these can be fun but they're time-consuming and their financial costs quickly add up. Plus, the average family can't spend every week of the summer doing 'a big trip'.

We decided to distill some ideas that can fit into any week, any budget and -best of all- you can discover (or rediscover) many of these things in your own backyard.