Friday, February 17

20 Quick, Healthy and Easy Sheet Pan Dinners

by Robin




Three words that make my kinda-hate-cooking heart skip a beat.  Sheet Pan Dinners have got all three of those lovely words going for them.  

I'm working my way through this list.  The first two I've tried and my family really enjoyed - win!  

I even demonstrated the Easy Oven Fajitas at work for the immigrant moms who come to the program I lead.  At first, they were dubious - but quickly became converts. One woman came back the next week having already made them - twice - her family loved them that much!

Sheet Pan Dinners are on par with the ease of slow cooker meals.  You can prepare them ahead and they are super simple.  But, these dinners are never soupy like so many slow cooker meals get - you know - how so much of it becomes a stew - even if you didn't mean it to?

Another plus on the Sheet Pan Dinner score sheet: roasted vegetables.  Is there a better way to serve veggies?  In fact, roasted (just-about) ANYTHING is delicious.  

Have I convinced you?  If you haven't tried a Sheet Pan Dinner you truly need to.  Today.  And you've come to the right place for ideas.  I've got 20 here for you...

Thursday, February 9

Three Words That Made My Family Love Leftovers (and gave me a night off cooking every week!)

by Robin

"The days are long but the years are short."

Such a great quote about parenting, right? The first part is bang on: the days are looooooong. Between cleaning, working, activities and obligations - some days feel a dozen hours longer than others.

When it's been a day at work that's worn me down - or maybe a busy one with the kids and housework and errands and extended family commitments - those long days leave me spent. There isn't a speck of motivation left. The very last thing I have energy for is cooking dinner.

The first time I used these three magic words - I did a mental happy dance. But, part of me said, "Enjoy it while you can, there's no way this will work again." But thankfully that part was dead wrong!

These words work for me - and they've given me a night off cooking every week. I am truly hopeful this will work for you too!

Sunday, January 29

Narrow Hallway Makeover: Creepy and Dark to Cheerful and Bright

by Robin

Steven Avery was the inspiration for a recent update in our Mobile Home Makeover.  If you know who he is, you're probably baffled.  If you don't know who he is, you may wonder if there's a hot new designer you should know about.

Nope, he's no designer.  About as far from it as possible.  He's a (perhaps wrongfully) convicted murderer.

Last spring you may have been, like Ed and I,  glued to the screen to binge watch episodes of the riveting and discouraging documentary series on Netflix, Making of a Murderer.  It was really well done and awfully disturbing.

And decoratively inspiring?  Not for anyone else, I'm sure. Just for me.

You see, during every intro and break, or moments they wanted to illustrate just how depressingly, creepy his home was, they would show film of the long, dark, wood panelled, hallway in his mobile home.

Guess who had the exact same dreary hallway?

Us.  We had the exact same dreary hallway!
(And honestly - did I really need to label the photo: Before???)

Every time the show's camera wandered herky-jerky down that ominous hallway, Ed would glance over at me.  At first, we smiled and chuckled, "Ha, ha, look familiar?"

But the longer we watched, the less funny it got.

Our mobile home's hallway was the universal symbol of creepiness.

Decorating that hallway was forced up higher our todo list.  To the very tippy top.  I was not going to think of that upsetting documentary every single time I walked up and down the hallway of our weekend retreat.

Murder-y: not the vibe I'm going for there.

So here's what we did:

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