Happy Canada Day! 5 Fun, Quick and Patriotic Lego Builds...

Sunday, June 28

I just HAD to share this post that Ed wrote for the Papa's Brick Room blog!  We all had a blast creating these simple Canada Day Lego builds. Such a great activity for our rainy day.

In Canada, July 1st means fireworks, a day off and wearing as much red and white as you can. Here at Papa’s Brick Room, we decided it also should have some LEGO. We’ve come up with some fun little MOC (My Own Creation) builds that you can likely make with bricks you already have in your Lego collection.  True Patriot LEGO Love!

Follow this link to keep reading...

We Built a Deck!: Free Online Deck Design Software

Tuesday, June 16
By Ed

We have been planning on building this deck for many years now. When we renovated in 2007, we put in two patio doors that, for all their lives, have opened onto a rusty old air conditioner and a 2 foot drop into a garden. Go out those doors and you'd have gotten tetanus or a sprained ankle.  As you can imagine, they didn't get used much.

But last year - finally!- our finances cooperated and we are able to build this sucker.  Because last year, after killing off our line of credit in 2013, in WE PAID OFF OUR DEBT! (except our mortgage, which we are ok with - more on this later.)

Of course, before you build, you plan. We collected resources; books, magazines, city building code printouts - for as long as we've been thinking about this. They are all good and useful in their own ways, but none gave me exactly the information I wanted for my our deck. 

I played around with some other software ranging from Google Sketchup to trial versions of expensive Professional design stuff. Either too steep a learning curve, too reliant on me knowing structural engineering or too open ended.

Why couldn't someone just make a simple plan like this for me and give it to me for free? Oh, wait, Lowes just did that.

I was drawing this baby on graph paper and laying awake at night trying to figure out how many beams, joists and boards I would need.  What I needed was a user friendly, deck design software.  Free would be nice.  A little searching and I found one...

We've Flipped for Flipp - and how you can use it to your advantage too...

Tuesday, June 9

by Robin

When Flipp asked us to participate in their #FlippFood Challenge we didn't hesitate.   We only talk here about things we actually do or use, so even if we are compensated for writing, you know it's a legit thing for us.  We're going to tell you what we really think. Really, it was just a matter of time that we wrote about Flipp, and if they'd like to pay us to do it, all the better!  And, folks, we've used Flipp for months now and love it.

So what is Flipp?  It's an app you can download for free to find the best deals from store flyers.  Using flyers is my hands down favourite way to shop.  If you're buying healthy, whole foods, flyers beat coupons every time.  It's rare to find coupons for fresh produce and other unprocessed foods, while through flyers, you can find them every single week.

Here's how we use Flipp to save money and time...

Recipe: Homemade Pizza on the BBQ

Sunday, June 7
By Ed

We make Our Homemade Pizza pretty much weekly.  For fun and frugality during the summer we like to cook our pizzas on the BBQ.  This way we can keep our house cooler (no hot oven means no extra AC required) plus it's a novel twist on an easy meal. I started doing this early in the summer during a heat wave and still toss it on whenever I want my pizza to have a bit of grill flavour. 

Much like my Grilled Flatbread, I've pretty much perfected my BBQ method.  Here's how to do it...

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