Make a Hidden TV Cabinet with Mirrors (Inspired by Joanna Gaines & Pottery Barn)

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by Robin

hidden tv cabinet fixer upper
Photo source: Magnolia

As I sat with my sadness watching the very last episode of Fixer Upper there was a moment where I perked up. Did you feel it too? That hidden TV cabinet!

They were showing the family their "Rockstar Renovation" and they paused in the living room. Above an ornate reclaimed mantel were some beautiful mirrors - gorgeous in their own right. And then - they opened them to reveal the TV!  I was awed and inspired.

I have a thing about hiding the TV.  I try to do it in all my spaces.  I just find they suck energy from the conversation and look like a bit of a black hole in an otherwise inviting space.  It's just my thing, you may not feel this way, and that's aok.  Ed couldn't care less.

When I saw this design by Joanna Gaines (that interior design sorceress) I knew I had to figure out how to make a hidden TV cabinet with mirrors!  And when I stumbled across this affordable mirror I knew just how to build it pretty easily and really affordably.

Here's what we came up with...

hidden tv cabinet diy
Quite similar, no? 
Ours is wall mounted, chunkier and not made of metal - we don't have Jimmy Don on speed dial.

As I researched how to do this project, and whether it was worth it budget-wise, I stumbled across this one from Pottery Barn.  The design is very similar - with a couple of important differences.  

But what stopped me in my tracks was the price!  Can you guess what this one goes for?

Mirror Cabinet TV Covers

$599 USD! Plus tax! Plus shipping! (You don't want to know how much it is in Canadian dollars. Approximately a mortgage payment.)

Ours cost decidedly less.  It depends what country you're buying your supplies in, but we estimate the cost at 1/4 to 1/2.

hidden tv cabinet

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How to Make a Hidden TV Cabinet with Mirrors

Here's where Ed takes over to tell you how we made it:

  • Wood and Iron Barn Door Mirror (x2)
  • 24" Continuous hinges - aka piano hinges (x4)
  • Pine for frame (see drawing below for sizes and cuts)
  • Screws & screwdrivers
  • Circular saw or table saw
  • Wood glue
  • Stud finder (for hanging securely)
  • Fusion mineral paint in Ash
  • Clasp to hold doors shut - we chose this one to coordinate with our faux shuttered window

How to:

hidden tv cabient how to build
Our sophisticated artist's rendering of building plans. 
We made ours to fit a 43" TV plus a soundbar - any tv smaller than this will work too.

Step 1: Cut Remove Mirrors and Cut Frames in half

hidden tv cabient mirrors

Before cutting the door sections in half, remove the backs, mirrors and any hardware that will be near the cut. The mirrors are secured with hot glue, so work carefully to free them to avoid breakage. (Each frame comes with two mirrors already - so no mirror cutting is required for this project!)
Use the seam on the door as a centre guide.

Step 2: Add hinge to newly cut frames

hidden tv cabinet build
Rejoin the door sections using a continuous (piano) hinge on the seam you just cut. Position the hinge as shown above so that the two sections will hinge with their backs facing each other. 
Carefully align, pre-drill and hand-tighten screws alone the hinge. The wood is very soft and screws could strip easily.

hidden tv cabinet how to make
Attach the piano hinges to the outside edges. These will connect to the sides of your cabinet and should hinge open/out. Follow the same align, pre-drill and hand screw procedure.

Step 3: Make Sides of TV Cabinet and Attach Frames

diy hidden tv cabinet
Cut the sides to your cabinet.
We used 1"x6" pine, which is about 5-1/2" deep. This provided enough depth for both our TV and soundbar.

Cut the side panels to 30"; this allows 1/8" top and bottom for the hinged door sections to open and close without jamming. 
Attach the door hinge section to the side piece with a few screws to verify the fit.

Step 4: Make Top and Bottom of TV Cupboard and Attach to Sides

building hidden tv cabinet
Cut the top and bottom sections for your frame. 
Again, we used 1"x6" pine, cut to 42-1/4". Assemble the frame.

building box for hidden tv cabinet
Our frame allowed for a vent panel along the top of the cabinet. (TVs can get hot.)
We also attached a piece along the back to hang the whole unit to the wall. The box just needs to support itself- not the whole TV, so 1"x3"x42-1/4" piece of pine was adequate.

Step 5: Attach Doors and Ensure they Open and Close Well

hidden tv cabinet build frame
Attach the doors (again - you'll notice this common theme of: assemble, check, disassemble). 
Ours bound a bit as the hinges flex and I had to plane it to make things fit. We were maybe a little overzealous in cutting things to exactly the 'right' size. Allow yourself a margin of error in door movement. 
At this point, we also tried the unit in place briefly around our wall mounted 43" TV to see how it fit. 

Step 6: Remove Extra Hardware and then Paint

hidden tv cabinet trim
If you are painting your doors, remove the rest of the hardware. The false hinge brackets pry off (carefully).

hidden tv cabinet painted
Paint the frame and doors. We used Fusion mineral paint in Ash - it holds up really well to areas where the doors might rub against the frame and various other dings and scrapes that life might throw at your cabinet. 
And the colour is gorgeous! Even my man eyes tell me so.

After the paint dries, reinstall the mirrors to the frames by laying the mirrors back in place and attaching the hardboard backs again with the screws provided.

Step 7: Install

hanging hidden tv cabinet
When the paint is dry and cured, hang your cabinet. 

First, we hung our TV directly on the wall where we wanted it.

Then we anchored the cabinet over our pre-hung TV.  We used two 2-1/2" screws. The cabinet isn't super-heavy, but you will want to anchor it securely and have help in making sure it's level, drilling the anchor holes and hanging it. 

Our sound bar covers the wall gap in the above image, but if any white space shows on yours, you can paint the wall the same colour as the cabinet to make it look like one solid unit.
Attach the doors (again).

Lastly, we added this shutter latch hardware and you are done!

This room has had a pretty dramatic makeover!  

diy hidden tv cabinet
After! 😍 In person, it feels so cozy and charming - and nothing like a basement at all. 
(That built-in media cabinet is dabomb, too - the tutorial is here!)
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  1. This looks amazing! Your design would look great in any style home. Joanna would be proud. ;)

  2. HOLY COW! That tv cover is phenomenal and what a great tutorial. I'm pinning it for future reference...we will be movin sometime in the near future and will have to find something to do with my tv. Thanks for the great idea my friend.

    1. It means a lot that you like it, Lynn! 😊 Thanks for letting me know and thanks for pinning it!

  3. HOLY WOW!! This is GORGEOUS!

  4. If anyone is a design sorceress - it's you! I love the whole room (even better than Joanna's), and when I read that it was a basement, I almost fell over.

    1. Oh my, “Canadian Abroad”! Such generous and kind words. You can’t know how much this means to me - your comment came at the perfect time to brighten my day. Thank you so sincerely! :) Robin

  5. Great project! Thanks for the tutorial. I'd like to attempt this, but am a little confused. Wasn't there a mirror and a backing that was removed before cutting on the seam? Did you reattach them? Did you cut the mirror? Backing? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question - I've made a number of changes to the post to make it more clear.
      Yes - we did remove the mirror and backing before cutting the seam - and yes they were reattached. Each one came with two mirrors in it - we did not need to cut any mirrors.

  6. Wondering the same thing....was the mirror already in two pieces or did you have to cut it? Also, was it as simple as hot gluing the mirror back onto the frame?

    1. Hi! Thanks for your questions - I've gone back into the post and made some changes to make the steps more clear.
      Yes - each mirror came with two mirrors in it - we did not need to cut any mirrors - just the frames.
      It was more simple than hot gluing the mirror back in - we find hot glue dries out and is messy - we simply reattached the hardboard backs to the frames with more screws to secure the mirror in place. :)

  7. Thank you! Going to try and do this myself tomorrow. Mirrors arrived today and I will get the wood cut (may end up having to use 1x8 bc tv isn’t as flush to the wall as i had hoped it sits right at 5”). Hope it goes smoothly I’m a bit nervous to cut the frames.

    1. That's so cool! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Will you email us photos? Please!!! Let us know if you need any more help to figure it out. Good Luck! :)


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